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Commercial Exterminators in Indianapolis, IN

Commercial Exterminators giving you Peace of mind for your Central Indiana business.

Commercial Exterminators For Your Central Indiana Business

Running a business is hard work, but avoiding potential problems before they arise is a great way to make your job just a little bit easier. Unfortunately, pests are one of those problems. They destroy inventory, damage your facility, expose your employees and customers to illness or injury, and hurt your reputation. Preventing Indiana’s toughest pests before they invade is ideal, but even if you find yourself dealing with an active pest infestation, Total Exterminating commercial exterminating can help.


We offer free inspections to every commercial customer. No two businesses have the same pest control needs, so we use this time to get a feel for your unique situation to recommend a plan tailored to your needs.


Your treatment plan will be based on your specific needs. While a business using pest control in a preventative way may only need a general plan with treatments performed quarterly, those with severe infestations may require more targeted treatments on a monthly or even weekly basis at first.


In addition to our regularly scheduled follow-up visits, we’ll also return to your business to re-treat if pests return in between service visits. We stand behind our service.



When you have tenants to take care of, you know how important it is to keep them happy. A pest-free environment is a great place to start. Total Exterminating help.


With the number of people that come in and out of your place of worship each week, it’s easy to see how pest problems can start. Prevent them with the help of Total Exterminating.


Students need a safe environment to learn, and health risks from exposure to pests won’t cut it. Make sure your educational facility passes the test with the help of Total Exterminating. 


Sanitary conditions are essential in a healthcare setting. Pests will destroy those conditions as soon as they enter your building. Protect your facility with help from Total Exterminating.


When you have athletes training for the big game in your building, the last thing you need are pests creating a dangerous environment. Keep them away by partnering with Total Exterminating.


Your customers need to be reassured that your products are of the highest quality. Pests can deter them from returning. Keep these pests at bay with the help of Total Exterminating.


Pest infestations in a restaurant setting are terrible for business. Ensure the safety of your guests by partnering with Total Exterminating to create a pest-free environment.


When in charge of business properties, tenant happiness is your priority. Keep spiders, ants or any other pests from making your job difficult with the help of Total Exterminating.


Pests often go unnoticed in a warehouse setting until they’ve wreaked considerable havoc. Keep them out of your facility by partnering with 1st Response Pest Management.


In an environment that handles food, pests can be extremely detrimental to your business. Protect your consumers and your facility with the help of Total Exterminating.


When your career is based on keeping people happy and content, the last thing you need is pests causing problems for your guests. Call Total Exterminating today to keep those pests away.


Whether your customer is excited about seeing ancient art or that new blockbuster, they shouldn’t have to worry about pests. Keep the enjoyment alive by partnering with Total Exterminating.

Our Specialty Pest Control Options

Beyond our general pest control plans, we also offer treatments for specific pests that may cause you problems. These include the following service options:


Termite Control & Prevention

Bed Bug

Bed Bug Exterminator Services

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